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Amaretto Old Fashioned - A twist on the classic with notes of almond and maple.


S'More Old Fashioned - Graham cracker infused bourbon, with notes of chocolate and marshmallow. 


Rum Old Fashioned - An evolving cocktail, served with a coconut water cube.


Possible allergens: Nut

Old Fashioned Class - Saturday, March 2 (6PM - 8:30PM)

  • NO ONE UNDER 21 ALLOWED; valid ID required.

    CLASS POLICY: No Refunds. If for some reason you are unable to attend the event, two options are offered:

    1) A credit can be applied towards a future event. In order to receive a credit towards a future class, The Tipsy Librarian must be notified through email of the request at least seven (7) days prior to the class date. If your request is made after seven (7) days, a credit will towards a future class will not be applied. You may, however, pass along your place in this class to another person. (As spirit and food orders are placed one week prior to the event, no refunds are offered.)

    2) Transferring your spot to someone else. Spots in classes are transferrable. If possible, please notify The Tipsy Librarian of the change. (Please be sure to share your individualized Uber voucher with that person.) Please don't hesitate to have them reach out to me if they have any questions.

  • If you are purchasing a spot with a gift card, please email me directly at (If you are using a gift card, please do not purchase your spot on the website. Contact me directly. Spots purchased on the website will not be credited.) 

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