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"A delight to behold is best enjoyed in the company of those whom we enjoy best."




3 gorgeous cocktails, 2 hours…A private, on-site bespoke craft cocktail experience for you and your group. An entirely hands-on experience, you and your guests will explore a variety of flavors during the two hours, learning the how, why, and history of it all along the way. From the Elevated Craft shakers to the premium bitters, all of which I provide, every part of your experience is top shelf.  Locally available ingredients are used and attendees receive all recipes created, ensuring you can replicate the cocktail experience long after the class…

Decide on the type of class you would like to host. Want a particular theme (Holiday, The Classics, etc.)? Spirit (gin, tequila, whiskey, etc.)? Unsure of the type of class; just that you want to host one because it sounds like the most fun experience ever? Then you’re ready to proceed to Step 2!

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Gather your group. Groups of 4 – 12 are easily accommodated; for groups with fewer than 6, there is a minimum charge of $450. For 6 or more, $75/person. (Corporate groups and groups larger than 12 can be accommodated. Inquire directly. Pricing valid on classes held through August 31 only. Effective September, 2023, classes will be held at The Tipsy Librarian, located in Towne Center. Mobile classes will be on a limited basis only. Contact directly for availability and pricing.)

Choose your date. Choose from available dates here. Contact with the requested dates in the subject line, including in the message the type of class you are possibly interested.


Once date availability is confirmed, a $225 deposit must be made within 48 hrs to secure date. Full payment due 3 days prior to event. 

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Consult with the librarian. Once your date is confirmed, we will discuss, in-detail, the menu and experience you’re seeking to create, including the spirit recommendations for those. Once the menu has been established, I’ll send your order to Martin Wine, where you can pay for it over the phone, and they’ll deliver it directly to your home! (Generally, 5 - 7 bottles are needed for a class, with cost $175 - $250, depending on your group size. As host, all spirits are yours to keep!) During our consultation, we will also discuss the physical space you wish to host the event. 

Look forward to your awesome experience! The day of, I’ll take care of the set-up and clean-up, and in-between those moments you’ll learn stuff; you’ll make stuff; you’ll drink stuff and you’ll have a lot of fun! Cheers!

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